Recipes for India's Favorite Street Food



Dosas are thin, rice-and-lentil-based pancakes that can be stuffed with a variety of flavorful fillings. Dosa Kitchen shows you how to make this favorite Indian comfort food at home with a master batter and 50 recipes for fillings, chutneys, and even cocktails to serve alongside. Naturally fermented and gluten-free, dosas can be vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free as well. With dishes featuring traditional Indian flavors as well as creative twists, any kitchen can become a Dosa Kitchen!

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Thanks to Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub’s Dosa Kitchen, my customers have learned how fun

and easy it is to add this healthy fermented food to their cooking. We had such great feedback from

the authors’ dosa demonstration at a recent Bouley Events Fermentation Symposium. Hearing

that people are using their own creativity to personalize what they’ve learned is the mark of success

of a chef and a cookbook!

—Chef David Bouley

Dosas are one of the world’s great fermented foods, turning some of the humblest ingredients—rice and lentils—into an incredibly versatile delicacy. This book has clear instructions and practical tips for making your own dosas at home, and great ideas for how to serve them. I’ve been making dosas occasionally for decades, but following Leda and Nash’s guidance has vastly improved them, and now I make dosas all the time.


Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation

It's not often that a cookbook comes along that introduces something completely new to Western palatesDosa Kitchen is such a book. Hats off to Patel and Scheintaub for their gift to the food world of so many interesting and inspiring recipes. A wonderful way to enjoy gluten-free, properly prepared crepes and pancakes.

Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation

Terry Walters, author of the best-selling Clean Food

What better vehicle for clean food than a fermented, gluten-free, delicious dosa! 

Dosa Kitchen is an inspiring explosion of taste and color sure to make

dosas one of your favorite meals.


If you, like me, love dosas, this is an essential book for your kitchen. The inventive recipes breathe new life into this popular Indian street food. It will make a wonderful gift for

the cooks in your life. 


Thrity Umrigar, author of The Space Between Us

It’s a joy to journey with Leda and Nash as they showcase their favorite dishes from their combined culinary worlds. The recipes are trustworthy, and the writing is a delight. Years ago, I'd made several attempts to make dosas with inedible results. I tried again using Dosa Kitchen’s recipe and the dosas turned out just like the photos—and, oh!are they tasty. Yes! to India’s favorite street food in your own kitchen.


Rebecca Wood, author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia

Nik Sharma, author of Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food; food writer and photographer of A Brown Table and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle

It’s been long overdue, but Nash and Leda have written the perfect ode to the dosa. Using their own unique sense for combining flavors they’ve remarkably showcased the vibrant and diverse possibilities that this fermented crepe possesses and how it can be easily made

a staple in everyone’s kitchen.


Dosa Kitchen proves that an everyday South Indian staple can easily become a part of world cuisine. Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub invite us to think of dosa outside the box—we

can make it savory or sweet, serve it as a wrap or a pancake, and entertain with it. There

are recipes for vegans and carnivores alike. The clarity and simplicity of the recipes, the photography, and the format of the book make Dosa Kitchen so accessible and motivating.

We all could use more of healthy and delicious dosas in our life.

Soak your lentils and rice right now!

Divya Alter, author of What to Eat for How You Feel and owner of Divya's Kitchen